Join Dallas Pruitt on this episode of the Daily Drip – daily insights, valuable advice, lessons, and such on The Growthcast presented by The Multifamily Mindset – as he lists four priceless life lessons that he has learned through his experiences. 

As you grow older and transition into newer roles that require you to be more responsible and accountable for your actions, you have to become more disciplined and push yourself beyond your limits. Growing holistically is imperative so that you can navigate through the twists and turns of life efficiently, make wise decisions, and ensure that you are not wasting your precious time and resources. 

To bring your life to fruition, you must be a good person through and through. You should never forget that good deeds pay off well. You must not think of yourself as incompetent – there are hardly any impossible things in life. Faith in your abilities and determination to improve your weaknesses can take you places! 

You have to be kind and caring, helpful and giving. A judgmental mindset is detrimental to your personal growth. Lastly, you must maximize your time. As cliche as it may sound, it is true that time doesn’t stop for anyone. Make the most of it, and life will reward you eventually with great success!


Hey guys, good morning and welcome to the Daily Drip with me Dallas Pruit, life lessons. That is what I want share today. Keeping it simple, I wanted to share four things that I’ve learned since coming into fatherhood, exiting my career and diving down the, the path of entrepreneurship and business ownership. Um, and, and just really coming into adulting, if you will, and growing as a whole. So these four things, they are principles that have helped me to navigate better just every single day. They are lessons I’ve learned through my experiences, not just things that were told to me by someone else. These principles are valuable and produce, I’ve reflected on them a lot as of late, and again, today, I wanted to share them with you as reminders and guiding principles. One, your overarching task is to be good. Be a good person, do good work.


Bring positivity to the table of life. Use your gift of mind and body to bless and fill the cups of others and your own. Number two, if someone else has done it, you can do it. People believe things are impossible only because they can’t compartmentalize the steps, they don’t look to the steps, they look to the final picture. People who have done extraordinary things started out in the exact same place everyone else does. They aren’t special. They’ve just figured out how to work hard and smart with any specific, purposeful, definite, aim. Number three, people are doing the best they can. Have empathy, be kind, be understanding, help, and don’t judge. Number four, life is short. So live it to the fullest. All of the, all of a sudden you wake up and you have four children and gray hairs. While in your mind, you still feel like you’re 22.


Time is one of our most valuable resources, so don’t waste it, maximize it. There you have it, four life lessons or, or rather, four principles worth focusing on and living by so that you can navigate life more efficiently and grow. I’m a firm believer it’s everyone’s job to take their experiences, learn from them, and then share the lessons with others. It’s how we grow collectively. So don’t be selfish. Share and help. You could count that one right there as number five on today’s list if you wish. Have a great day and we’ll see you guys back here again tomorrow.