On this episode of Daily Drip, Dallas Pruitt encourages you to figure out the “why’s” in your life and the factors inhibiting you from progressing towards those reasons. 

Listen as Dallas discusses the most common reason why people stagnate and get stuck in the process due to a “lack of motivation.” In reality, they need more clarity which causes them to wait for the right time to improve things. 

You must be definite to achieve clarity in your direction, your systems, processes, and your reasons to do things to fulfill the vision of your ideal future. Put a definition to your reasons for doing what you are doing, why you are striving towards these accomplishments, and why you should become the version of yourself you want to be. 

You have to be very specific about these definitions and consider your potential contributions to the world, your partnerships, the future of your business, the habits you must inculcate, and so much more! While finding the right definitions may be challenging, it is extremely crucial for making better decisions and continuing a steady growth process. 

Be definite, and you will never stagnate!


Hey, good morning everybody. My name is Dallas Pruitt and welcome to the Daily Drip here on the Growth Cast. So many times when we get stuck on our our journey, we think it’s motivation that is keeping us from progressing. Put it this way, have you ever heard anybody say, I know what I need to do, but I’m just not following through. Maybe you are that person right now. Truth is many of us, if not all of us, probably all of us at some point in time have been there. Here’s the thing in, in a moment like this, oftentimes you put yourself even further in the wrong direction because you stay stuck in this mentality of thinking that it’s a lack of motivation. You’ve pinpointed motivation as the problem that is keeping you from moving forward. Today. As a reminder, my friends that many people think they lack motivation when really what they lack is clarity.

Because of this lack of clarity, it makes it difficult to know when and where to take action. Clarity is crucial for proper action, and lack of clarity is what causes people to spend much of their lives sometimes waiting for the right time or for the time to be right, to make an improve, an improvement, or make a change. So the better question becomes, how can I gain more clarity? The answer looks like working for it by way of defining some really important things. Putting definition around the following will allow you to more fully commit to the process and actions required to achieve whatever it is you’ve defined. Look, I do not want to brush over this today, all of this defining process, like it’s super easy. It’s not, but it’s necessary. It’s necessary for making better, more time sensitive decisions. It’s necessary for you to become the best version of you.

It’s necessary for your young business to grow your brand, your skills, your life. It’s necessary in order to meet up with the best version of you and whatever it is you are trying to do and figure out it is necessary. Important things that you need to have firm definition around include your why, and truthfully, it’s more like a list of all the why’s as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, why you’re striving for these things, for this, these accomplishments, this version of you, these acquisitions, this business, whatever it is. What is your why? Truthfully, define it deep as deep as you possibly can and add to it. It’s a list. You also need to define your future and what it looks like. Specific details matter of what you’ve contributed to the world in the future. What you’ve gained, who’s with you and what you’re doing 10 years out, five years out, three years out, what does it look like?

Put definition around it. Also put definition around the habits you must form and stay consistent with daily systems required to bring to life what it is you’ve drafted up in your mind. This idea, this quote unquote thing that you’ve committed to, this defining process is a deconstructing process of sorts. You want clarity on how to get where it is you want to go, but don’t know how. Well you need a map. You need to discover and learn some things along the way to getting where it is you want to go. These definitions are those discoveries, these definitions, this clarity provides you with that map. Gaining clarity makes taking action and taking really the right actions easier and makes the path and paths plural to where you want to go. More obvious, and again, this is necessary if you truly want to get there, wherever there is for you.

The invite today is to gain clarity by defining the terms, defining the map. Don’t skip these steps because if you do, the trap of ilac motivation will continue to resurface again, again, and again. It’s worth noting here as well as we close out, as you evolve and grow, so to do your dreams, your goals, and your aspirations. Gaining clarity is an ongoing practice. This defining practice that should be visited regularly as you evolve. Don’t rely on motivation. My friends rely on clarity. Be definite. Have a great day and we’ll see you guys back here again tomorrow.