Dallas Pruitt is back with yet another Daily Drip on the Growthcast – and you don’t want to miss this one! 

If there’s any question that you must ask yourself as you undertake any project, however big or small, it’s this: did I step out of my comfort zone at some level and do something difficult?

Dallas will give you valuable insight into the conundrum of your comfort zone and its effects on your growth. If you want to thrive and get out of a difficult situation in life, you need to build resilience to adversity. Problems are going to occur no matter what you do because that’s just the nature of things, but you need to be strong enough to tackle them. It’s going to require you to change your perspective of things and lean into the difficult things laid out in front of you on a regular basis. 

The more you face difficult circumstances, the stronger you grow. Whether it is physical resilience or mental, it will help you in the long run! You need to let stepping out of your comfort zone become a new habit and a new sustainable pattern because as you gradually learn to manage smaller problems, you will grow to tackle the difficult tasks much more easily!


Hey, what’s going on everybody? My name is Dallas Pruitt, and this is the Daily Drip here on the Growth Cast. This is a wonderful Tuesday, and this is episode 4 37. I’ve titled today’s episode Resilience. Look, the better question for today that I would love everybody to ask themselves is, did I step outside of my comfort zone and do something difficult? Look, the truth is this life, this current state of life is a very comfortable place for most food, shelter, media, entertainment, it, it’s all laid out for us. For the majority of us that listen here, the struggle is not that real in those areas. Now, I am not sliding anybody who is in that struggle. It, those people exist as well. My point, regardless of where you stand, regardless of where you were out, if you are looking to thrive and get out of the situation and move forward into your better situation, the better version of yourself, the better version of your business, the better version of your family, the better version of anything, it’s gonna require you to build up resilience to adversity.

It’s going to require you to change your perspective and lean into, on a regular basis the difficult things that are laid out in front of you on a day-to-day basis. Again, the better question is, did I step outside of my comfort zone strategically today and do something or something that are very difficult or maybe moderately difficult? Look, there are a number of things we can do on a regular basis. Getting up early is one of them. Cardio is also a creative way to build resilience. It’s not easy for most, right? Building up that resilience through some physical exertion, physical activity, cold showers or cold plunges, something that has become kind of a hot topic for many in the world of growth, it’s true. The data there is there, it exists, and it’s not easy. Coming from my own experiences, fasting on a regular basis is a difficult task.

Look, we don’t, it doesn’t need to be rocket science, but today, again, the question is, are you stepping out of your comfort zone every day at some level and doing difficult things on a regular basis? Let that become habit. Let that become the new pattern. Let that be the sustainable pattern moving forward to step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis and do difficult things. Because if you can do those small things on a regular basis, you are much more likely to be able to tackle those larger, more difficult tasks as you continue to get better and your business continues to grow. All right. Again, the better question to loop back in closing, did I step outside of my comfort zone today and do something difficult? Make it a great day, make it a difficult day, and we’ll see you guys back here again tomorrow.