On this Saturday Episode, Dallas Pruitt and Jackson Campbell go back and forth to discuss three things you must budget wisely. 

Dallas gives an acronym to help you remember how to wisely spend your budget or your mental currency. There are three things worth noting – TEA – Time, Energy, and Attention. You must be very conscious of how you spend this budget. You are limited in the time, energy, and attention you can give throughout the day. It is a complex process of determining what will provide you with the highest yield and greatest return.

For instance, how much time do you spend worrying about it and venting to others when you face obstacles? That doesn’t give you any returns on your time, energy, and attention. You could be spending that TEA on finding solutions to your challenges instead. 

When people are aware of their limited TEA availability, they can prioritize and get strategic about where they spend this budget. Dallas says, “when we give effort to things we can’t control, our effort is wasted… But when we give effort to things that we can control, our effort is very effective.”

Hence, you should spend your TEA on your effort, the work you put in to achieve your goals, and your response to adversities.