Adversity is inevitable. The moment you decide to go after your goal, you sign up for the hard path. There is hardly ever a flower road to success. You must navigate your life through the obstacles thrown at you, especially where you least expect them because these hurdles test your abilities and capabilities in whichever sphere of life you want to conquer. 

The way you respond to and navigate your way through adversity affects the ceiling you place on yourself. If you are prepared for and confident in your abilities to deal with adversity, you break free of this self-imposed ceiling.

To help you overcome the terrifying monster of adversity, Dallas Pruitt lists seven helpful principles in this Extended Cut episode. By adhering to these principles and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can navigate tough times efficiently. 

You must put in the hard work to answer every challenge, fight every obstacle, and jump over every hurdle in your path. There’s one thing you should never forget: struggle triggers growth. Your struggles will test your abilities and eventually strengthen you to face your problems and conquer them!


Hey, what’s going on everybody? Happy Saturday and welcome to an extended cut with the Dallas Pruitt. That is correct. Today I’m writing solo. This is going to be a deep dive special edition episode with me. We are going to excuse Jackson from today and I’m excited. I’m excited to spend the next 15 minutes diving deep into a specific obstacle that literally every single one of us face and that obstacle is adversity. Now, before we jump into today’s deep dive topic, I wanted to remind everybody of a couple things. One, if you have not rated or reviewed the podcast, man, please jump on and do so. We really appreciate those rates and reviews. Whatever platform you listen to, uh, on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, please go on, tell us what you think of the growth. Leave us a five star rating and uh, we’d appreciate it very much.

Also, the Ho Newi Group, we’ve started to talk a little bit about our Maui Mastermind in this exclusive group that Tyler and myself will be working with throughout the course of 2023. We’ll be kicking this exclusive group off in 2022 at the tell end in December in Maui with a three day experiential mastermind with myself, Larry Yatch and Tyler DeVere. Also Ryan Wooley and a number of other members of the Multi-Family Mindset will be taking part in this mastermind. It’s gonna be three days of Hands-on Experience is this is gonna be a mastermind, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. This is not your typical spend three days in a conference room, dialing things in. There will be plenty of hands-on learning within the conference room, but we are going to be doing things like road Dahan and lots of field day experiences out with this exclusive group to set the foundations correctly and get everybody to where it is they want to go in 2023 within their goals and their plans for their business and their life.

We’re extremely excited for this inaugural group and we look forward to seeing you there if you’re part of it. So just want to let everybody know about that. And if you have any questions, again, continue to tune in, um, and we’ll be dropping resources regularly for you to be able to know more of how you can get involved and how you can become part of this exclusive group. I think we’re looking to fill just a few more slots before the end of the year. All right, everybody, for, for the most part, I think that’s all of our announcements. But today, again, coming back to the topic of adversity, what I wanted to do today is give you seven principles, seven principles on overcoming adversity. And look, you’ve signed up for the hard road, meaning you signed up for tough times, you signed up for more adversity the second you decided to go after your goals.

And that is something that every single one of you must come in into acceptance of. And these are again, again, things today are things that you should remember when you go through those tough times on your journey. Maybe you’re going through them right now. Maybe you’re going through some tough times right now. Maybe things are easy breezy right now, no matter where you’re at, a guarantee is you’re going to face adversity and the way you respond, the way you navigate adversity has everything to do with the ceiling you place on yourself, meaning the success that you experience, right? And if navigated properly, that ceiling completely comes off. You can continue to grow onward, upward and forward. And that’s our goal is to help weaponize you so that you can continue to do just that. So without further ado, let’s jump in. Principle number one. It’s something that we talked about earlier in the week and that is see the good and the bad or find the positive within the negative.

Be that person. Be that person who can look at the bright side of a difficult situation and this is not easily done. Be that person. That in tough times keeps perspective. When things are going great, you keep perspective when things are going bad, you keep perspective. This doesn’t mean that you should be unrealistic or live in what I think I called earlier in the week, la la land or naive would be a good word. What this means is that you need to be able to stare adversity in the face, see it for what it is, and then focus on what you can control so that you can continue to move forward. Again, principle one, see the good in the bad or find the positive within the negative. Principle. Number two, respond to adversity with curiosity. There’s more effective questions that we can ask when we get stuck in a row.

When we hit that obstacle of adversity, how in whatever shape or form it comes, the the crucial piece there within our dialogue as we face that situation is to ask effective questions. Better questions is what we call them, correct? And so some of those better questions today, I wanted to give you a few. Some of those better questions look like what can I learn from this, from this situation right now, this hard, tough situation? What can I learn from this? What opportunities does this situation provide? What things do I need to consider as a leader? What behaviors do I need to model right now? What would a leader do? And then act in accordance. Look, these types of effective questions, these go-to types of better questions and your ability to go to them and reflect on them is what will lead you to effective action.

I always say better questions equal better results. Another way to say that would be effective questions lead to effective action. And these are all the types of questions we have to consider as adversity hits. We need to face that adversity with a little bit of curiosity. Solution-based curiosity. Principle three, help others through your example. Look, when your team experiences adversity, everybody’s part of a team, right? There’s not a one size fits all response. You cannot force others to interpret the situation the exact same way that you do what you should do, what you not only can do, but what you should do is stay connected, strive to stay connected to each other as you navigate the storm as a whole unit together. And one of the phrases that I love here is calm is contagious. Be that person, stay calm, stay cool, stay collected. Principle number four, it doesn’t get easier except the fact that it’s not gonna get easier.

Don’t plead and beg and pray that it gets easier. Know that as you learn to better navigate it and as you continue to hit it head on, you get stronger, you get better. Struggle triggers growth. Failure is feedback, adversity. What it does is it forges strength and endurance and stamina, losing socks, but it’s also an opportunity to learn and setbacks ultimately set you up for comebacks. Look, don’t pray pleading back that it gets easier except the fact that it’s extremely tough and that it might get tougher. But understand and recognize that as you navi properly navigate it and take proper action, talk to yourself properly. What ends up happening is you actually get stronger, and that is something to be extremely grateful for.

You completely shift your perspective. Now you’re blessed. You’re not cursed. Principle five, it’s all about how you look at the situation. Look, I’ve said this earlier today, but it needs to be said again. When times are good, your job is to keep things in perspective. And when times are bad, your job is also to keep things in perspective. Simple as that. Principle six, your pain can actually become your fuel. Don’t let the adversity that you are facing right now blind you from seeing the opportunities found within the struggle, the thing, whatever that thing is right now that you are battling right now, it could actually become the very thing that helps you evolve into the best version of yourself for you, right? Life is happening for you. The situation is happening for you. These struggles, this adversity is happening for you. It’s that for you type of mentality, not this victim mentality of to me or to you.

Life is not happening to you. Life is ha. Life is happening for you. Adversity is not happening to you. It is happening for you. Set yourself up for success with a proper perspective, with the proper mindset if you will, and understand once again that the battles you are currently facing can become the very thing that helps you evolve. Very likely will become those exact things that help you evolve into the next best version of yourself. And principle seven, to wrap this thing up, adversity is part of the process. I said this earlier. When you signed up for your goals, when you signed up and committed, you signed up for adversity because adversity is part of the process on your journey to achievement, to success, to growth, to happiness. You can do this, stick with it. Hear these words, you can do this, stick with it.

Look, you are going to hit adversity and you might even ask yourself the question, like I said, previous in the week, you might even ask yourself the question, why? Why’d I even start? Why am I even doing this? And look, you don’t really mean that. What you mean is this is hard. This sucks right now. And guess what? It’s completely normal. That sentiment, that question with that sentiment behind it, that’s completely normal because hard work is tough. Becoming your best is tough. Achieving goals isn’t easy. It’s hard freaking work. Look, detach. Detach from that. And remember, remind yourself in that moment, look, adversity is part of the process. This is a sure sign that I’m on the right path. Obstacles will reveal to you how bad you really want something. Your job is to view roadblocks. All of them, whatever magnitude, shape, form they come in, view those roadblocks as stepping, as stepping stones or notches on the ladder of where you want to go, which again is onward upward in the direction of growth, betterment, more happiness, more success, fulfillment, and becoming the best version of you.

All right guys, hopefully you’re able to grab something of value. This deep dive Saturday extended cut with me. Adversity is real. Adversity sucks, but in the same breath, adversity is grand and it’s great and it’s a blessing, right? We have to stay within that mindset. We have to stay within that mentality. These are things to remember as you go through or when you are going through tough times, and again, you signed up for the hard road, the second you signed up for your goals. It’s a great road to be on. It can feel lonely, but I promise you it is. It is not as lonely as you think. There is a crew, a community behind you, me, myself included on that same path. And our job is to embrace this process because again, it is happening for us and adversity is just one part of that process. And we can learn to better and more efficiently navigate that adversity the more we stick to these principles that work. All right, everybody, enjoy your Sunday. Thank you so much for tuning to the Growth Cast, and we will see everybody back here again on Monday.