It’s Monday, and Dallas is back to kickstart the week with a brand-new episode of the Daily Drip. 

Have you ever looked at the water flowing from a tap in a perfectly cylindrical shape, giving the illusion of a solid? This effect is called laminar flow – a lack of friction causing the fluid to move smoothly and, consequently, fastly. The more friction you have, the more disrupted the flow gets. 

Life is quite similar: it ebbs and flows like a river facing friction in the course and finding its way to the sea, i.e., its goal. Friction can cause you to stray from your aim, but you have to be confident and strong-willed to navigate your path despite the turbulence. 

Slow is smooth; smooth is fast.

To achieve a smooth flow of things in your life, you must regularly eliminate unnecessary distractions and check yourself from creating friction. It is natural to fall into the trap of hasty, hurried decisions because the pressure on you can be daunting sometimes, but you have to learn to keep a cool mind and think before you act. 

Listen to Dallas as he explains this phenomenon with a wonderful example. You certainly don’t want to miss it!


Hey, what up everyone? Happy Monday and welcome to the Daily Drip drum growth cast. The other day I saw this video of what is called a laar flow. Upon first glance, I thought it was a still shot a picture, but really it was a video of running water. A laminar flow is when fluid flows in parallel layers at a low velocity with no disruption or friction between the layers. And what this creates is such a smooth flow that it makes the water look as if it is a solid. It really is quite unbelievable. Until you see it for yourself, you should go Google it. Friction can cause some issues and take a raging river, right? Take, take that laminate flow example versus a raging river With boulders everywhere, the friction created by those boulders causes rapids and makes certain sections of the river extremely difficult, almost impossible at times to navigate this.

This is how life can get, and it is also why when Special forces operators are looking to create more, more effectiveness in combat on their missions, they lean on this slogan that I love, and the slogan goes, slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. I’ve experienced friction as of late. As many I’m sure of you have. In some ways, I’ve really experienced more friction than than I ever have before. Look, I’m grateful for leaders, confidants, and friends who have helped remind me of the importance of regularly eliminating unnecessary friction, and it can happen. This is a trap that so many high achievers, so many go-getters can fall into today. As a reminder for all of those high achievers, for all of you, for all of you go-getters today is an important reminder of this important principle, which is slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Oftentimes, you are the creator of the friction you are experiencing because you have allowed yourself to get distracted by things that are important, but aren’t quite on the forefront of the table right now.

Today is a reminder. It is important to think before you act. It is important to not fall into the trap of being in a rush. There’s this other saying that I absolutely love, that resonates strongly with today’s drip attaches perfectly for everybody, and it says it’s from the stoics, and it goes something like Never in a hurry, never worried, never stopping short. Today’s invite is to let these two things guide you in your endeavors and get you back on track. If you found yourself wayward, think before you act. Align your values with your goals. Harmonize your words with your actions, and strive every day to not create your own friction. Remind yourself often slow as smooth, smooth as fast, never in a hurry, never worried, never stopping. Short moving step by step. All right everybody. Make it a great day. Make it an impactful day. Make it a purposeful day, and we’ll see you guys back here again tomorrow.