In this episode of Daily Drip, brought to you by The Multifamily Mindset, Dallas Pruitt emphasizes the value of the price you must pay to achieve success. 

It’s true that most things are harder in practice than in theory, but it is because people tend to be overconfident and fail to identify what the price of success is. It prevents them from being able to pay that cost, and they find it harder to move from theory to action. The price of success is high in terms of valuable currencies like effort, time, focus, attention, collaboration, learning, and energy. The best way to succeed is to carefully identify the cost you must pay for it and diligently commit to paying that cost.

As Dallas says, “the greatest things in life take two things – they take sacrifice, and they take discipline,” you must be willing to make sacrifices when needed and stay focused, whether you want to be a better investor, parent, or business owner. You have to overcome self-created roadblocks to your growth. 

To achieve the future you have envisioned for yourself, you must look at the bigger picture. Think in abundance and pay what you must to increase your ROI. Be aggressive in action and work as hard as you can. Don’t passively engage in watching others.


Hey, good morning everybody, and welcome to the Daily Drip here on the Growth Cast with me, Dallas Pruit. Easier said than done. That’s a, that’s a saying. I’ve heard a lot throughout my career in business and in life, and isn’t it so true? The truth is most things are harder in practice than they are in theory. Why is this? Well, oftentimes it is because we are overconfident, and even more often it’s because people are not good. We as people are not good at identifying what the price of success in doing something really is, which present prevents us from being able to pay that price. Look, the price of success is high. I, if you want to be great, if you want to do something special, create something special. The price of success is high, high in effort, high in time, high in focus, high in attention, high in collaboration, high in learning.

These are just a few of the currencies when it comes to the price of success. Look, it’s hard to move from theory to action, but something that makes this process easier and something that will help you last or stay the course is if you properly identify the price for success and then commit to paying the price. Don’t commit to success. Commit to paying the price for success. Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone is willing to pay for it. So the question today is, are you, are you committed to paying the price? The greatest things in life take two things. They take sacrifice and they take discipline. This is why very few people achieve really amazing things. People create their own roadblocks and, and they stifle their production because look, they, they aren’t willing to pay the going rate for what real success looks like and whatever that avenue is that they’ve, they’ve chosen.

And then it’s funny, they get mad. These people get mad. Don’t be that person. That’s today’s invite. Today’s invite, again, is to quit pinching pennies when spending on success. Instead, think in abundance. Spend, spend, spend, spend and sacrifice. Discipline, attention, focus, time, effort, energy, spend. If your dream is to become great, look, and that’s many people’s dreams who are here, become a great investor, become a great parent, become a great business owner. Look, today is a reminder that the road is humbling. Are you willing to pay the price? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a little amount of work means you should be winning instead of theor, theorizing and making judgements As you passively watch others. Be aggressive. Be aggressive in action, and work as hard as you possibly can. Don’t, don’t passively engage in watching others. Be aggressive in action and work as hard as you can. Again, do this and then ask, what more can I do? Stay humble and spend your currencies in the areas where you are guaranteed to increase your ROI in becoming great, in doing something special. Have a great day, everybody. Make it a great day. Spend wisely and we’ll see you guys back here again tomorrow.