“Just five more minutes,” you say as you hit snooze on your 7 A.M. alarm… for the 8th time this morning. 

Getting out of bed on a Monday morning can be one of the biggest struggles known to humankind. And when you do finally wake up and dust the sleep out of your eyes, you’ll waste even more time sitting on your phone scrolling through your social media accounts. 

We all want to be successful in life. We want to be wealthy, we want better health, and generally to be happy. But procrastination is never going to provide you with all that success. 

Ask yourself, how much do you want it, and how do you intend to get there? 

Well, take it from me, making small lifestyle choices like getting up early and starting your day can absolutely put you on the pathway to success.

Here’s why. 

How Do We Get What We Want? 

To achieve these levels of success you have to ask yourself the big question, what am I doing to become the person who deserves this?

There is no shortcut to becoming successful, it’s more about growing as a person first and seeing the riches come later. As Jim Rohn once said, “success is something you attract because of the person you become.”  By changing our lifestyles, to become more motivated people, we will see the fruits of our development blossom into our success. Wealth, health, and happiness will follow once we evolve into a person who deserves those things. 

But what’s all this got to do with changing my morning routine?


My alarm goes off every day at 4:15 A.M.

I do not push snooze. 

I get straight out of bed, brush my teeth and at that point I’m awake and I’m ready to start my day. Granted it is horrible for those first few minutes, but no pain no gain, right?

Next, I will sit down and write out three things I am grateful for and my three goals for the day. 

While I’m doing all this, I’ll drink a bottle of water. But don’t drink coffee. 60% of your body is made up of water and after 8 hours of sleep, the first thing it needs is to rehydrate to restart its bodily functions and enable you to operate at your optimum productivity levels. 

I’ll then either go surfing or go workout, getting my daily exercise out of the way early on. After that, I’ll come home, shower, and take another look at my goals while I’m having breakfast. I also make sure to never skip breakfast. Give your body the fuel it needs to function properly, so you can remain productive.

And then I’ll go kick ass!

My evening routine is fairly similar. I’ll write down all my learning experiences from the day and to be clear, these are not failures but are things that have happened during the day that have challenged me and taught me a lesson.

I will also write down my wins and goals for the day and then I’ll write 3 more things I’m grateful for. 

But why do I do all this? 

Well, it’s all about purpose. When waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, I always know what my purpose is. By making these small lifestyle changes and achieving my daily goals, I am constantly striving to better myself to ultimately achieve my longterm goals.

The result? 


Having this sense of purpose gives me the confidence to know what I’m going to achieve. If I don’t have the confidence, then I’ll always find a way to not win. 

Confidence can come from something as little as saying, “I woke up early so I’m already ahead of everyone else”. Sometimes it is the little wins, like this are the ones that give you the momentum to develop yourself as a better person. 


Probably the most important part of why I do all this because it gives me the mindfulness to appreciate what I have. Gratitude brings positivity and happiness which drives motivation. If I want more, I have to be grateful for what I already have. 

This is why I stopped looking at my phone and other people’s Instagram lifestyles and started looking back at my own life and found happiness after realizing what I was grateful for. 


Similarly, within the first 5 minutes of my day, I already know my goals and will try to make decisions throughout the day with those goals in mind. 

Without having this certainty, my day can be dictated by whatever pops up on my inbox, which are seldom inline with my goals. Elon Musk, the now 4th richest person in the world, says he actively avoids phone calls throughout the day because they prevent him from being productive and hitting his targets. 

Having this sense of purpose is key to ensuring you build up what I call the four M’s. 

The Four M’s 

Confidence, gratitude, and clarity are all very important to build motivation. Motivation is the first M, it’s what gets you up in the morning and drives you to become a better person. 

Motivation then inspires movement. No one standing still can achieve their goals. But if we keep moving and getting up early in the morning, we will keep knocking on the door of success. 

And the more we keep moving, the more momentum we build, meaning we will continue to develop ourselves personally, snowballing into more success as we go.

Momentum leads us to the Multifamily Mindset, and the Multifamily Mindset inevitably leads us to great wealth that brings with it health, happiness, and gratitude. 

Final Thoughts

Either run the day or let the day run you” (Jim Rohn). Having that motivation to get up early, keep moving, and build momentum to get you the results you want is crucial to becoming successful. 

So are you going to hit snooze on your alarm tomorrow morning, or are you going to get up and seize the day? 

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